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Balls deep


Such a kiss ass

Lips puckered

No self-respect

Bent over

Take it hard



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I got tired of reading all my old poems and such and just being reminded of shit I just didn’t want to remember anymore, so I threw my book out. I hate how people say that this and that is what made you who you are today, but I really don’t care & it’s none of their business anyway. And, honestly, if I want to destroy the physical evidence I can and I will because I’ll always have the memories to remind me of my mistakes.

Also, a lot of them are still on the internet – I just care to push them aside and forget about them.

So, from here on out, everything is new.

“Butterflies in My Stomach”

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“Butterflies In My Stomach”

The very thought of him
Releases butterflies
So large and so grotesque
On the loose upon my insides

They’re vicious and demanding
They hunger only for love
They scream to be set free
They’re violently ripping me up

They’re not lovely like the ones
That peacefully feed on flowers
They’re parasites that suck hearts dry
And greedily devour

They make me want someone
Whom I can feed upon
For now I, too, have become the parasite
The butterflies have won

“Skill Lackery”

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I decided I’d write you a poem

(Perhaps a song) to demonstrate

My affection, my love for you

But I stopped short and told myself: Wait!

You should keep your thoughts in your head

And forget the whole idea

Because your writing skills are lacking

And suck, like diarrhea

“Fatty McFatFat”

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Hey, you!  Hey, girl!

No, the fatty behind you.

How’s it going?

Have enough to eat yet?

You haven’t, you say?

Well, here you go.

It’s big and fat.

Like your face.


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Running fast, gasping for breath

Shaking, sweating, Weak

Bouncing, big jiggly man boobs

“Rushing into Disappointment”

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There is a deescalation

A deflating elation

The one thing I sought

Might just cure my obsession

I see it’s not working

Deterioration’s lurking

Behind me and laughing

Demonically it’s smirking

What is this abuse

That’s out on the loose

Merciless and unkind

Preparing a noose

But I hold up my head

Walk through emotions I dread

Perhaps I’ll soon wake

Alone and safe in my bed